Survival Gear: Military Field Manual - Airborne and Air Assault Operations FM 3-99

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Survival gear and bug out bags should include military field manuals.


Forcible entry operations including joint command and control, planning tactical applications and space orientation.  Guide to organizing forces echelon employment and assault force formation.  This document outlines capabilities and limitation to be aware of for an airborne assault.


This guide describes the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team from higher headquarters, to the actual assault team, to the necessary supporting aviation.  Planning methodologies are covered along with go/no-go decision making.


Ground tactical plan such as task organization and commander’s intent are considered.  Fundamental considerations such as close combat attack and air support information is included.  You will learn how to execute an attack including development of the airhead and how to create an intermediate staging base.


It includes a landing plan with organization and requirements.  Delivery elements.  An air movement plan with tactical integrity and load planning sequence.


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