Survival Gear: Military Field Manual - Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment Humanitarian Airdrop FM 4 20.147 2003

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Survival plan for handling a humanitarian airdrop.


In a SHTF scenario, it would not be uncommon for humanitarian airdrops to be used for food, water and other supplies, especially if gasoline is in short supply and grocery stores and similar cannot restock.  You may find yourself either receiving or taking part in the delivery of, a humanitarian airdrop.


This document details how to secure an airdrop for delivery using a Low Cost High Velocity Container Delivery System.  How to rig the parachute, packaging of the payload, webbing, skid boards, and other devices.


Humanitarian airdrops are used on a daily basis throughout the world and could be used some day in the United States if civil infrastructure broke down.



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