Survival Gear: Military Field Manual - Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment Rigging Ammunition FM 4 20.153 2006

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SHTF Survival plan for rigging ammunition and certain explosives for aircraft travel.


Explosives and ammunition needs to be handled with care as primers, fuses, and other detonation systems are sensitive to shock and temperature.  Please read the document to learn what kinds of ammunition and explosives are appropriate for airdrop, and which are too dangerous.


Parachute instructions and requirements, missile rigging, A-22 cargo bags and certified munitions are covered.  Both low velocity and high velocity slings can be used and are described in this document.  Proximity fuses should be rigged nose-down.  Fuses should not be used if damaged during shipment.


Download and print this document and place it in your bug out bag.



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