Survival Gear: Military Field Manual - chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear CBRN Decontamination FM 3-11.5 2006

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Survival guide to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear decontamination (CBRN).


Procedures for decontamination from CBRN attack and exposure.  Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attack is no longer limited to the battlefield.  It can be expected that future terrorist attacks will involve this type of weaponry and civilians will need to know how to respond.  CBRN attack does not need to long term damage or death, in many cases treating the situation immediately can result in no damage to the person at all.


This document describes how to plan a decontamination procedure, when to expect when skin comes in contact with hazardous materials.  It details how to handle hazardous material containers and transportation.  This is one of the most valuable field manuals in any prepper’s kit simply because of the probability of this type of attack.



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