Survival Gear: Military Field Manual - Javelin Close Combat Missile System Medium FM 3-22.37 2008

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How to shoot a Javelin missile.


The Javelin is a surface attack portable field missile.  It is operated by a single person both day or night, but restricted by visibility.  This document details the firing round, preparing to fire, acquiring a target, and launching.


Firing position is critical, as with carrying technique.  This field guide trains the user in all aspects of using the Javelin missile.  It also trains a support crew when present, although this weapon does not require a crew.  When operating the weapon with a crew, safety because paramount as a person can easily be injured by standing too close behind or in front of a firing weapon.


This weapon has built-in night vision.  This document outlines how to operate the weapon at night using electronic night vision.  The night vision, however, does not penetrate bad weather such as fog, rain, or other physical obstructions.



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