How to Survive Without Water

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How To Survive Without WaterFor several years, drinking water for human consumption supplied by the water network of the national government has been deteriorating, to the point that in many cities it is not advisable to consume. This has had an impact on the proliferation of companies that manufacture purifying plants for filling water bottles, which are acquired by private individuals and installed in premises or residences from where they sell this processed (filtered) water, turning it into a round business.

In the cities of Venezuela it is common to have a schedule for the arrival of water by pipeline to certain areas, that is, there is a continuous rationing of water, many areas do not reach the pipeline service despite the existence of the water network installed, but it just does not reach them.

Most of these areas with difficult access to water are supplied irregularly by tanker trucks, some supplied by the government but the vast majority by private trucks that must be paid by the person or groups of people in need of water.

Some communities have organized and drilled wells and have managed to overcome the service failure, but it is not easy, economically this is expensive and not all sectors have the possibility of collecting the money to carry out this work.

The repercussions

It is not easy to get to your house and turn on the tap and see that no water comes out or arrive and simply know that you must go out again but this time in search of water, either for cleaning or for the needs of the home.


The most affected areas that we receive the water service are low-income areas, where it is normal to get a road or street blocked by a protest against the government in demand for water, however in residential areas of middle class or wealthy the failure of the water service is also normal.

The vast majority of households have a water pump that connects to the entrance of the pipe to the residence to be able to get the water when it flows into the pipeline because it is the assigned day, it is essential to have a pump as of not having it will not come because the water is pulled by the other residents who do have a pump.


The idea is to fill a tank or water tank to have water stored for the following days in which the vital liquid will not arrive.

How To Survive Without Water Long LinesIn places where water does not reach people have to go to find it at considerable distances from the place where they reside and transport it either in tobos or drums on foot or in wheelbarrows, so it is normal that the members of the family dedicate a time in the day to load the water, in other occasions they realize it the weekends of being possible that the water exists in those days.

This water is usually obtained from tanker trucks or some pipe to which the water arrives and they have placed a key or some skirt of the mountain where water comes from it, called water eyes, the tails that are Sometimes they are extensive because of the number of people who regularly go to these sites in search of water.

In the cities and towns you can see any type of vehicle (car, truck, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) with a bottle, drum or tobo loading water.



  • Contaminated water and its countermeasures


    For human consumption this water should be boiled, but not all do it and this has brought diseases to the population as a consequence.

    A large majority of households make a water filter using a cylinder with gravel, gravel, sand and activated carbon where they pass water.

    The buildings usually have underground tanks with which they ration the water daily for certain hours and added to it; they buy or use filtration systems at the outlet of the tank.

    The great disaster occurs when there is an electrical breakdown such as happened recently (National Electrical System Fall) all pumps used in homes are electric, in fact the large pumps used by the government water service company are electric , therefore a lack of electrical power means the end of the operation of all the pumps, and the running out of water the city or cities is immediate. Retrieving the supply or pumping water again is not a matter of hours.


  • Incalculable damage


    In those moments everything implemented by the government collapsed to supply water by cistern and any source of water was the protagonist of large queues of people with containers to obtain water, portable electric plants were improvised by the citizens to put them in the water sources and thus make the filling faster. Even in places they used modified vehicles to adapt the engine to a water pump.


    How To Survive Without Water Man Carrying WaterWhen passing the time and before the existing necessity by the lack of water it did not matter where it came from, because the lack of it was unbearable. The toilets were full of fecal waste and this water, if it was contaminated, could be used to clean or flush the toilets.

    Rivers contaminated by industrial and fecal wastes were sources of water, such is the case of Guaire that crosses Caracas.

    In other places people were seen bathing and seizing water from sewers, wells of dammed waters, contaminated lagoons, etc.

    The lack of investment, maintenance and planning for years has been a major part in the collapse of water service in Venezuela, a high percentage if not the entire network is in poor condition, which the appearance of faults is a fact in continuous form in any city in the country. To the point that the notice of lack of water for repair for 48 or more hours has become daily.


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