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The list of horrid things people in Venezuela have suffered in order to survive is too long; it is really difficult to have some time alone to think about good stuff, to be in peace. Everything is chaos, everything is a huge problem. It does not matter how many times you get out of your house in order to do anything, there is always one thing to say, one thing to tell; everything is too expensive, someone died, there is no transportation, and the list goes on. There are just two beliefs; people are strong indeed or they just get used to everything and they are resisting because people cannot die that easy. The thing is that we cannot make a pause either, that is to say, people here want to improve everything; they want to live better not just survive, and they want to complain but it is not that easy. Yes, they get used to things they never thought of but they have no choice; one person cannot change anything complaining all day long and that is it. It is necessary so much more than that and we cannot make a pause; we must move on, no matter what, and we must find solutions to each problem we have to face. At length, people have learned something, for instance, they bought temporary remedies that became extremely important when dealing with anything in this country. And, the problem itself is not buying that stuff, the problem comes in when we cannot live without it; we are, basically, forced to do it, here we are forced to do so many things we should not be doing at all.

Running out of gas was never a huge problem; it was never the first time that that happened to someone in this country. There are two ways to obtain gas in this place: trucks from companies bring gas cylinders to each neighborhood or people can go with their gas cylinders to fill it in some stores and places; so, it was never a problem to run out of gas, it was actually very easy to get it. The problem was when trucks stopped coming and spent many months without it. The best survival solution some people could find was an electric cooktop. Even if an electric cooktop was something normal because it was something we could use for emergencies, we never thought we would need one; running out of gas was impossible in this country. On the other hand, not everyone had an electric cooktop, and they were really expensive, as everything in this country. Those people who had an electric cooktop were relaxed because it did not matter how much they spent without gas, they still had a way to cook; but, the ones that did not have enough money to buy one, they had to ask a neighbor if they could cook in their houses. Some neighbors still had a little of gas, and some of them were kind enough to let someone else cook there; but, this was not eternal and some of them started to get bothered as well because they would run out of gas fast. So, when it was completely impossible to cook anywhere, the only thing we could do was to buy bread or something that did not need to be cooked as well.

We all started to get reasonably mad because there was a huge problem with gas in every city. So, we started making phone calls to the company and the gas sellers, the guys that drove with trucks filled with gas cylinders; most of the times they never answered, they said that they were not working, or they got fired. Knowing they were providing gas cylinders since so many years, we believed them; but we still saw them on street, near their trucks, and with their shirts with the company’s logo sewn and still they said they were not working. This happened during some weeks and when we bothered them so much, they usually would say: “I will go there, to your house, next week”, but they never appeared. That was the only answer they gave: “I will go there next week”. Weeks past and a lot of this trucks never appeared, we made phone calls and when they answered they repeated everything: “I will be there next week”, “I will be there tomorrow”, while most of us were cooking in other houses, bothering some neighbors as well. But, one day we discovered that those were just excuses; they were working but only for some people who would pay them a lot of money. These companies that provided gas told their employees how much they had to charge, but they never charged what they had to, they charged even more because: “Living in here is difficult”, but there was a moment when they wanted to charge so much that some people refused; that is why they went to those who were willing to pay them more.

At length, so many people were forced to buy electric cooktops, so they could cook without expecting anyone and avoiding those excuses from horrible people. But, it was important to take into account the fact that an electric cooktop is not a normal kitchen; you cannot cook everything there, it was possible to cook easy and fast stuff, otherwise the electric cooktop will be damaged. So, we had to get used to cook and eat simple stuff; we had to get used to.

At last, the guys working for those companies had to come and sell their gas with a normal price; they were forced to do so, but we were forced to buy something we should not have bought, we were forced to cook and eat something that most of us did not want to eat. That is how a temporary solution became something so important, something that could save us during many months, something completely indispensable for our lives; and, probably, we will continue adding items to that remedy list.


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