What it is like to live without electricity in Venezuela

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Author: Estela

Location: Barquisimeto, Lara state, Venezuela

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Here there is almost no urban cleaning, the streets are full of garbage, there are many flies, cockroaches and rodents. In the heat of this time of year we are forced to sleep with the windows open, which facilitates the entry of any vermin, such as spiders, cockroaches, bats, mosquitoes among others. These animals, when entering the houses, leave their inhabitants with bites, bringing diseases and the health care centers are in a deplorable state.

Due to the economic crisis and the increasingly prolonged blackouts the criminals roam the residences, neighborhoods and urbanizations regardless of the lack of lighting, for this reason in many buildings including mine, have formed night vigil groups to protect the security of all the inhabitants. Sometimes shots are heard at night or explosions of transformers.

All this leaves us very exhausted and stressed. In the first floors the neighbors complain that they got a scorpion inside their apartment.

The temperatures are high, and the water is scarce, since the one that is bought or obtained is to cook or stay hydrated, as water is so scarce, many times bathing is a luxury. From the smallest to the oldest they can be sticky and irritated, like many newborn babies. There are many outbreaks and viruses attacking the skin and health of many people, as well as people suffering from scabies. Another challenge is to keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean.

Getting food is another challenge because it is very scarce. In the absence of electricity, it is not possible to buy by credit card or bank transfer, many charge in cash or in dollars, in addition; and if that was not enough; meats, fish, chicken and charcuterie products such as cheeses, sausages are being sold in many cases in poor condition or given away for lack of electricity and refrigerators cannot keep them in good condition.

We are running out of protein, we at home try to solve this by buying eggs when we have electricity. There are families who eat only once a day.

Patients in hospitals and health centers die from lack of medication and electrical rationing, the most affected are patients requiring dialysis, hypertensive, cancer and newborns.

The merchants are arming themselves or paying to protect them or protect their businesses from looting. Many do not have electrical power connect their points of sale to power plants or connect them to their vehicles.

It is very difficult to get diapers, sanitary napkins and medicines, communications are very difficult because the telephone operators do not escape the problems. Many people make up groups to migrate to Colombia, although the bridge on the border is closed, either to seek job opportunities and to help their relatives who remain in the country or to find medicines for their families.

The streets are with such loose traffic that it is inferior to any Sunday. The people, including me, just went out to do the essential activities such as food shopping, bank proceedings and there is much fear of the so-called "collectives" that are paramilitary groups paid by the dictatorship to impose terror.

In Venezuela there is a complex humanitarian crisis, the entry of humanitarian aid to the country is and will be a great step to help a population that dies every day.

Transportation is scarce because there is a shortage of gasoline and diesel, my family and I prefer to walk and buy everything we need as close as possible to return as soon as possible, life is extremely hard, without fear of exaggeration is a genocide every time more ruthless.

Cash is also scarce, however, it only serves to pay the water cisterns carriers or gas carriers, so you have to make several trips to the banks to be able to raise the money needed to pay them. Even banks do not have enough cash.

The Venezuelan exodus is constant, although so far this year it seems to increase as the urgent need to survive seems to decimate any hope of achieving it. In my city the young people who still remain are organized to escape, to flee to Colombia, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Chile... Venezuelans are now in any part of the world trying to survive.

Homicides, kidnappings, robberies and crimes in general also contribute to the diaspora, as well as the lack of decent jobs and opportunities for study.

Because Venezuela is suffering an electrical crisis, hundreds of Venezuelan families are affected by the daily blackouts. A Venezuelan, decided to buy a power plant to keep electricity at home during these episodes. Dr. David Martinez went to turn on the power plant, since they had been without light for several hours. As a result of this a combustion was generated that managed to cause burns in various parts of his body, mostly of the second degree. Also, this incident led to his respiratory tract becoming inflamed, which required him to be admitted to intensive care for two days. If you wish to collaborate in your recovery you can make your donation or share this link.

The funds raised will be used to pay hospitalization expenses and medical fees generated from the day of the accident, Sunday March 31, which includes surgery and three days of hospitalization and treatment, two of which were in intensive care unit in the aforementioned hospital center.

At this time, Venezuelans, despite these types of accidents, are looking to acquire these power plants as a solution to the serious needs of the shortage of electricity.

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