Family Rations, LLC is a family owned American company based out of Southern California.  Our model is simple: source the least expensive emergency and survival supplies and sell them for prices untouchable by other retailers.  Our prices are frequently lower than the cost to manufacture the product. 


How is this possible? 

We buy bulk wholesale, overstock, foreclosure liquidation and other sources to bring you the lowest possible prices on emergency and survival supplies.  Not only do we buy low, but we keep our overhead costs to a minimum.  Unlike our competitors, there is no cost of executive’s salaries or the rent on downtown office space being passed on to our customer.  We are able to buy and sell in high volume without expensive resources and facilities with the use of cutting-edge shipping software and lean inventory.  By staying small and agile, we run circles around the competition in both speed and cost.


Why emergency and survival supplies?

Our goal was never to become the next Amazon – we set out to become the very best ecommerce retailer in a single niche.  We chose emergency and survival supplies because they have a real purpose, there is no need for deceptive marketing language or peddling products nobody really needs.  Every American should have 3 months food and water, and be able to protect themselves during an unforeseen event.


We are real people.  We’re always here.

The staff of Family Rations are real people.  We work hard every day behind the scenes ensuring every order ships on time and all our customers are satisfied.  We test our products and genuinely strive to provide quality products at amazing prices. There are no long customer support waits or difficulty reaching someone, email us and we’ll email you right back or give you a call.



Please send all inquiries to support@familyrations.com