25 Gallon Water Storage and Treatment Set

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Water is our most basic need. Experts recommend having two weeks of water in storage available with one gallon per person per day. This water storage set prioritizes convenience and safety. 

  • The durable boxes are compact and easy to carry, allowing for the boxes to be stacked for easy storage. 
  • Treated water will have a shelf life of up to 5 years when used properly.
  • This water treatment is stronger than the typical bleach and iodine oxidants, making your drinking water safer from pathogens.
  • Not only does it prevent slime build-up, but it also enhances the taste of stored water by killing odor-causing bacteria. 


  • (5) Heavy Duty Stackable Boxes  ( 10.5" x 10.5" x 15") 
  • (5) Multilayer-Laminate Mylar Water Bags
  • (1) Aquamira® Water Treatment
  • (1) Water Filling Hose and Attachments
  • (1) BONUS Multilayer-Laminate Mylar Bag