Fold Flat Aluminum Stove with StableHeat Fuel Cells

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The Fold Flat Aluminum Stove is a reliable cookstove that provides a stable cooking surface for larger and heavier pans while reducing to less than 1" thick when folded. Easily fit the stove in your backpack or survival kit for when you need to cook food. The stove comes with four StableHeat Fuel Cells that provide up to 16 hours of reliable cooking heat. The clean-burning diethylene glycol allows you to cook both indoors and out.


  • 1 can will burn up to 4 hours
  • Clean burning diethylene glycol
  • Outdoor & Indoor* use 

*Use in well-ventilated areas on a heat resistant surface. Do not use near flammable objects.


  1. Assemble the stove
  2. Place StableHeat Fuel Cell in the stove and remove the lid
  3. Separate the two wicks
  4. Light the wicks with a match or lighter
  5. Enjoy cooking
  6. To put out the flame, simply cover the wicks with the lid


  • The stove will be hot after use
  • Place the stove on a cookie sheet when using indoors
  • Do not inhale the fuel
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Adult use only