Personal Evacuation Earthquake Kit

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Earthquakes happen in a split second, resulting in chaos and unpredictability. This pack has the necessary protection, tools, food, and water to handle situations after an earthquake. Stay safe in times of the unknown with this survival kit specifically designed for earthquakes. Keep at your home or in the office. 


  • Safety: Hard hat, whistle, heavy-duty work gloves, and safety goggles
  • Reflective Blanket: Waterproof and windproof
  • Four Setting Motion Sensor Headlamp: CREE LED, red LED, flashing red lights, and off
  • Earthquake Guidebook: How to create an emergency plan, to administering life-saving first aid, information about earthquakes and secondary disasters that can follow, the psychological effects, and so much more


  • (1) Hard Hat - color may vary
  • (1) Motion Sensor Headlamp
  • (1) Reflective Emergency Blanket
  • (1) Signal Whistle
  • (1) Safety Goggles
  • (1) Heavy-duty Work Gloves