ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station 400W

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This ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station provides you with plenty of battery power to run your household electronics and small appliances during emergency weather events and power outages. The power station is equipped with a powerful 444Wh lithium polymer battery. This battery produces pure sine wave output that makes it compatible with most AC electric devices and is self-cooling with its silent fan. Take the Portable Power Station with you on camping trips, outdoor excursions, or to outdoor markets to power your vendor stall; it weighs only 11 pounds and features an easy to grasp carry handle.

The power station provides 400W AC power output, 2 DC power ports, 3 USB power ports, and a 12V cigarette lighter output. With this unit, you will be able to power your home computer, television, electric fan, mini-fridge, and lamps. Larger devices may require peak power to work that exceeds 400W; check the device before you attempt to power it with the Portable Power Station. You’ll always be aware of how much battery life the unit currently has with the series of LED indicator lights located on the top panel. Charge the power station wherever you go in 7 to 8 hours with a solar panel, AC power adapter, or using a car cigarette lighter socket. Maximum Power Point Tracking technology helps the power station efficiently gain the most AMPS possible from solar charging. The Portable Power Station makes it possible to power your devices silently so you can enjoy the outdoors uninterrupted.


Weight 10.14 lb
Dimensions 11.65 × 3.70 × 7.72 in

444Wh/120000mAh, 3.7V

Fully Charged Time

DC15V/6A: 7 hours

Built-in Battery

High-Quality Lithium Polymer Batteries

Input Recharging

Adapter: DC15V/6A

Solar Panel Charging

MPPT, 12.5V~24V, up to 6.2A Max


ALUMINUM ALLOY With Anodic Oxidation Process

Charge mode


DC Output

3 x USB 5V-2.1A,
2 x 5.5MM DC Output: 9~12.6V/15A Max
1 x Cigarette Lighter Output: 9~12.6V/15A Max

AC Output

Pure Sinewave Output;
AC Continuous Output: 400W
AC Voltage: 110/120/220/230/240VAC±5%
Output Frequency:50/60Hz±5%

Power Indicator

5 led Indicators

Operation Temperature

14°F to 104°F

Operation Humidity

10% to 90%


>500 times

Safety Technology

MultiSafety Protection

Execution Standard

GB31241-2014 / GB4943.1-2011

Package Includes

1 x Portable Solar Generator
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Car Charger
1 x User manual